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For many people who haven’t ever had a colonic, it can seem intimidating, embarrassing, or just plain weird. The problem here is that we have been taught to NOT talk about our bathroom habits. Our digestive system is a miraculous and incredible system that we still don’t know everything about. It’s a whole Universe of its own, capable of turning food into-well…”waste” to be polite. If that isn’t magic, I don’t know what is. Let me put you at ease and assure you that this is NOT a medical procedure; this is a relaxing, cleansing session. You will be in a very clean space that is sterilized using the most powerful FDA germicides, but also a space of comfort, conversation, peace, non-judgment, and tremendous healing. The therapist will explain everything before leaving the room. The client will undress from the waist down and is properly draped during the entirety of the session. A small colon cleansing nozzle is gently and easily inserted BY THE CLIENT in privacy. Colon cleansing nozzles are about the size of a pencil, single-use, and disposed of after use. When the therapist enters the room again, she will begin the gentle gravity-fed (no pressure) water flow. The therapist will offer gentle massage to the abdomen and/or foot reflexology if wanted. The client can choose their own music and have their choice of essential oil aromatherapy. With the LIBBE device, the client HAS THE CHOICE to be alone throughout the session or have the therapist in the room with them.

Water flows through a Carbon Filter which removes any sediment, rust, or chlorine. The water is then purified by an Ultra Violet Purification System, before it passes through the colon cleansing nozzle. Water flows gently into the rectum and waste releases naturally.

A gentle flow of UV purified-temperature safe water is fed from the gravity-fed Column. Less than TEN gallons of water may be used during the session at a safe temperature. (98 F. to 102 F.) (36.8ºC to 38.ºC) (Water temperature is safely controlled and adjusted). An Odor Exhaust System insures that the session room and entire center remains odor free.

LIBBE base (table) has over three feet of clear viewing tube, which allows the client and the therapist to easily view (without any odor) the waste during releases.

A rinsing sprayer is used by the client to rinse their bottom after the session and while still remaining on the device “table”. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes. Modesty is protected at all times.

A trained colon hydrotherapist is always nearby to monitor and provide patient/client assistance and comfort as needed.

After each session, the LIBBE is safely disinfected with hospital grade disinfectant/germicide.

Last but not least, the client feels lighter, brighter, and blissful.