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If you are new to colon hydrotherapy, welcome to a new world of radiant health and self-care. Colonics are not new to our holistic community. In 1500 AD, colonics were often the first modality used when treating a patient with an imbalance in the body. I am passionate about working with open-minded and conscious truth seekers who are ready to take personal responsibility for their own health.  I am especially excited to work with new clients; it’s a true joy to witness their transformation, both physically and emotionally.

Colonic, Colon Cleansing, Colonic Irrigation, High Enema, and Colon Hydrotherapy refer to the same treatment that goes by many names.

The colon is a muscle and colonics help to stimulate and exercise it. If not exercised, muscles become sluggish and do not function at an optimum level.  Toxins and waste that remain too long in the intestines will feed harmful bacteria, causing putrefaction and fermentation, which can cause symptoms such as gas, bloating, headaches, fatigue, and skin problems. These poisons can also be reabsorbed into the system and cause auto intoxication (self-poisoning) which can lead to serious health problems. I know- not so glamorous.

At Body Temple Colonics, I use the OPEN system LIBBE device. The LIBBE  is a state of the art, top of the line FDA approved Type 2 medical device. It gently delivers purified, double filtrated water through a CLIENT inserted rectal nozzle. Colon cleansing is safe and an effective way of hydrating and evacuating the bowel’s contents.

Colon hydrotherapy is an alternating cycle of gently filling and then emptying the colon of water. Each client is assured a private, comfortable experience throughout the session. The typical colonic irrigation lasts 30-45 minutes. During the session, you are covered at all times. There is no smell or mess. I will explain how to insert the pencil-sized, disposable, single-use, sterilized nozzle and leave the room for YOU-the client to insert and lie comfortably on the device table.

A toxic bowel is the source of many health problems. Colon cleansing activates the body’s self-healing processes, allowing more efficient waste elimination and nutrient absorption. Both are essential to a lasting rejuvenation process. This is also the first step toward normalizing the colon, so friendly bacteria can return keeping the colon safe and healthy.


  • The days before the appointment, eat as many water content foods as possible, i.e. raw and cooked green leafy vegetables, raw vegetable drinks and whole grains. This will start hydrating the colon to ease your experience.
  • Try to cut down on all processed foods, i.e. white flour products, cheese, dried foods, greasy foods and sugar. These foods have a tendency to dehydrate the colon and can make the experience more challenging.

You’ll want to skip breakfast if you are getting the hydrotherapy session in the morning. A full stomach may be the cause of some discomfort when the colon is filled with warm water. If you are hungry, a small snack is recommended. Please try and not consume foods 2 hours before your appointment.

Meditate: About 15 minutes before the session begins, you’ll want to relax and let go of any stress. Because you are about to experience a hydrotherapy session that will cleanse your colon of toxins, it will be positive to focus your mind on peace and healing.

Wear Loose Clothing: You will only need to remove the bottom half of your clothing for the colon hydrotherapy session. Short dresses are recommended as well since they don’t have to be completely removed.  Avoiding tight clothing helps you to better relax.  You will have a gown provided if you choose and have the option to be draped with a towel and additional blankets.  Your comfort, privacy, and dignity are a top priority.  If you wish to bring slippers or socks for your feet, you may do so.

Communicate with the Therapist: If you feel any discomfort during the hydrotherapy session, please let me know immediately.

Take Probiotics:  Be sure to include probiotics after your session is complete.  The colon is completely cleansed of built up toxins and waste.  The bacteria-good and bad-have been eliminated, and the body will naturally replenish the good bacteria; it is our job to keep out the bad.  I will provide you with my favorite probiotic that I’ve found which is Ancient Nutrition SBO probiotics.

Optimal healing happens after consecutive sessions. Therefore, colonics are offered in packages as well as a single treatment.


Once you have completed a colon hydrotherapy session, it is important to follow some recommendations to ensure optimized results.

You have just treated your body to a wonderful, healthy detox and now we want to make sure that you feel your best over the next few days and maintain your results as long as possible.

  1. Drink plenty of fluids such as pure water, juices, herbal teas, and electrolyte liquids. It is also suggested you drink Kefir products to restore your intestinal flora.
  2. If this is your first colonic, it’s recommended you receive another one within a week and optimally two times in two weeks to jumpstart your detox goals.

3.It is recommended you supplement your diet with a Probiotic.

4.Stick to this suggested diet: Eat healthy soups for 24 hours after your appointment. For 3 days after the appointment, limit your over all meat intake and only eat easy to digest foods such as cooked vegetables and soft fruits (banana, mango, etc.).