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Color has been used to treat many medical conditions since ancient times. Color therapy dates back to ancient Egypt, India, China, and even as far back as the Mayan culture. Now, the medical benefits of color light therapy are being investigated and implemented in major hospitals and medical research centers worldwide.

Here are some benefits of Color Therapy

Improved Circulation

Different colors vibrate at different frequencies, therefor certain colors can have similar effects as heat and can affect your body’s circulation. This chromotherapy benefit is enhanced when used in conjunction with an infrared sauna.

Reduced Swelling and Decreased Inflammation

Applying color light therapy to swollen or inflamed areas has been known to help soothe the area and catalyze healing. This kind of chromotherapy treatment helps to relax the muscles and reverse irritation.

Pain Relief

Because color light therapy helps reduce swelling, inflammation, muscle tension, and other conditions typically associated with pain, the treatment often provides relief.

Accelerated Healing

Color light treatment helps accelerate the body’s healing response. Rejuvenative LED light therapy has been used to assist the healing of post-surgical scars, burns, wounds, and more.

Increased Range of Motion

Treatments that use chromotherapy lights help lubricate joints and relax the surrounding muscles, resulting in an increased range of motion. This results in many benefits, including improved flexibility and injury prevention

Regulated Mood

Each color in the spectrum creates a specific feeling or response, one of which is regulated moods. Using light to stimulate our endocrine systems naturally regulates hormonal imbalances, mood changes, and even depression.

Improved Sleeping Patterns

Mood regulation and muscle relaxation can result in improved sleeping patterns among persons that participate in color light therapy. Combining chromotherapy with sauna use can enhance this benefit even further.

Relief of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Every living thing has an internal biological clock that helps us adjust to the cycle of days and nights. With seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is typically triggered in colder winter months, that internal clock is thrown off by shorter days and lack of sunlight. Color therapy has proven to be very successful in helping by affecting brain chemicals linked to mood and sleep.

Anti-Aging Benefits

Color light therapy energizes skin cells and reinvigorates inactive skin cells. This results in a boost in collagen production. A boost in collagen gives the skin a smooth appearance and improves its elasticity.