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Reiki is a natural, safe, and effective healing system that uses Spiritually Guided Universal Energy to treat physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Using this holistic system, you will find yourself healed and harmonized in all aspects of your well-being, generating meaningful results that show throughout your life. Reiki will also encourage personal and spiritual awareness and growth in those who use it.

Some benefits include:

  • Deep Relaxation and Reduced stress
  • Calming of Anxiety and/or Depression
  • Release of Pain and Discomfort
  • Strengthening of the Immune System
  • Release of Blocked Memories from Body Tissues
  • Easing of Acute and Chronic Conditions
  • Enhanced Recovery from Surgery
  • Integration of Emotional Issues
  • Deepening and Expanded Spiritual Awareness
  • Alignment with Soul’s Purpose
  • Balancing of Physical, Emotional, and Mental Aspects of Being​

Brianna offers 30 min and 60 minute sessions at Body Temple Colonics as well as distant healing over Skype.